Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hair practice

Hair is a tougher one and I've been trying some different doos. I actually grabbed a hair style mag from the store for ref since it has hair shot after hair shot. It seemed ideal, and was to a degree, but the images were small. Another good source to draw from are comic artists because they've worked out the simpler shapes. For hair, yes, but everything else also. This makes my learning curve easier. No matter what the source though I try to observe each little bit as I go, asking my self questions, like about how the other artist handled the bulk and where they thickened the lines and how that affects things, or why the hair flows this way and where the strands go. Many things are more difficult to notice unless you're actually drawing each line. Here are some from the hair style magazine, and a single one from the front of a Victoria's Secret catalog.