Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Posty Post. ack!

I'm just trying this baby out so since this is primarily for posting images and works in progress, I think I'll try posting a pic. Simple and straight forward.

Oh noes! Mikey went and did himself a bloggey thing. Call the popo. Okay, nufs of that. Boom. Done. Should be nice and big so people can click it and see details. These are kind of old but it shouldn't matter... *a-whole-decade-ago-cough* Oh, and I might put some 3d up along the way since that seems to be where most of my time goes these days. I just thought it would be cool to have a blog all my own to do with what I want because it's the web and all. Especially WIPs since I usually put finished work on my website for long term storage of... nobody... seeing... it. aww. Too, my site is so much harder to update. Pleh! Making thumbnails, changing the code around, who has time for that?!